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Television PILOTS
      • Kiki’s Kingdom (Half-Hour Pilot)
        When street artist Kiki finds her peers’ work applauded while hers is comparably overlooked, she begins signing her work with a male name and suddenly finds increased success—and must figure out how far she can take the ruse. Set in a brightly spray-painted world, Kiki dares to expose the gray underneath.

      • Feckton Nation (Half-Hour Pilot)
        🌴🐬 When a hurricane spurred by climate change causes a bridge to collapse and disconnect the small quirky island of Feckton from the rest of Florida, the town’s passionate and unconventional new mayor spearheads a long-shot bid to secede from the Sunshine State, and become an autonomous municipality of idyllic virtues with an extra dose of eccentricity.

      • Super Senior (Half-Hour Pilot)When Ada’s mother, Lydia, ditches her retirement plan and moves in to the senior community where Ada works, Ada must figure out how to balance her career with her well-meaning but overbearing helicopter mom.

Television SPECS
      • Girls5eva: Squirties
        When Dawn’s latest catchy song for Girls5eva gets plagiarized by a TikTok star, Dawn and Wickie set out to confront their imposter – only to realize that Dawn herself had stolen the snappy tune from a commercial they’d done in the 90s.

      • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: iThief
        Jake & Amy clash over how to solve the tough case of a subway thief who grabs iPhones, but when the thief outsmarts them both and gets away even after being closed into a subway car with the two detectives, Jake and Amy must finally find a way to work together.

      • Superstore: Honey, Honey
        Amy and Jonah disagree over whether Rick, the local Fire Marshal, is a hero (Jonah) or a sexist pig (Amy), leading them each to attempt to “prove” their side, only to discover–in the face of a real emergency–that they were both right.

Sketch Comedy/LATE NIGHT
      • Robot Protest
        In the year 3022, fembots just want equal pay for equal computations.

      • Woke Showtime
        🎤🚋→ Watch Woke Showtime
        They might be objectifying themselves by dancing on the train, but these young women are WOKE A.F.

      • Reproductive System Romance
        An unwelcome guest disrupts a romantic night between Madam Ovary & King Spermany of Germany.

      • Pinocchio Goes to the Doctor
        “If all you want is wild sex, you must beware of herpes simplex. When you wish upon a star, STD’s can accrue…”

      • News Comedy Packet
        Current events punchlines (and only a few evergreens).

      • The Monotone Poncho Spatula (Short Play)
        An unlikely relationship forms when Monotone Stan and Poncho-Wearing Paige are robbed by Robby, who would perhaps be better off baking them a cake.

      • Puppet Love (Short Play)
        Dinner turns into a love triangle when people and their puppets try to double-date.

      • Stand Clear (Short Play)
        A phone thief and her target are stuck together on the subway with only a bag of baby carrots, a sweater that might have bed bugs, and each other.

      • Yo-Yo, Sharpie (Full Length Play)
        When Ben wakes up speaking a strange gibberish language, his inability to find other ways to communicate leaves him only able to blurt things like “nautical anus jam” as he learns that speaking normally again is not even what he needs. Or, as Ben would say it, “Antigone seed warts hot-nuggets.”

      • Certified (Full Length Play)
        When Rafi’s small Kosher catering company is shunned by the Jewish community, Rafi finds himself suddenly dancing the Hora with human briskets and oversized Kosher pickles as he struggles to belong. 
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