Half-South African.


M.M. Kagan is a comedy writer who creates quick-witted and smart ensemble stories that push back against societal norms.MMKagan Photo

Kagan is the child of parents born respectively in Japan and South Africa, the two having met in Israel. Kagan, however, was born and raised in the Sunshine State because when her parents were presented with the question “if a bird and a fish fall in love, where will they live?” they somehow answered “Florida.”

Top credits include CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase, Whoopi Goldberg and Mana Contemporary’s mini-writers’ room fellowship, 2x Semi-Finalist for Screencraft’s Comedy Script Competition, and Semi-Finalist for Universal’s Animation Writing Fellowship. Kagan was also the creator and writer of Submitting Like A Man, a lively challenge of gender bias in the entertainment industry, with a hearty dose of badassery. It went a wee bit viral and was read 25K times in 59 countries. Having started out as a playwright, Kagan has had over two dozen stageplays and comedy shows seen from NYC to LA.

When not writing, Kagan enjoys community supported agriculture, bike riding, and casually stalking cute dogs on the sidewalk. A wearer of many hats over the years, Kagan now works as a freelance writer and a teaching artist for film and media literacy, where she once edited 120 bird documentaries made by second graders. Kagan speaks French, Hebrew, American Sign Language, and Zulu (really) and knows a lot about bears (not really).