Animate With Me!


Pass the quaran-time at home. Join me and learn how to make your own stop-motion movies!

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How Does This Work?

Camps and Workshops are completely customized to your preferences. The basic structure of both works as follows:

1. Learn to animate: Attend your live video-conferenced class.
• This can be a private workshop for just your household, or an online group event for your household and your friend(s) — your choice.

2. Shoot your animation on your own.
• Depending on your patience and commitment, this could be as little as 20 minutes of shooting, or as long as several hours. (Recommended shooting time: 1-2 hours.)

3. (Optional) Take an additional class or classes in an online camp format to learn how to edit it at home, OR, have it professionally edited for you.

Parties are a little different. Most parties consist of a 45-60 minute online group activity, which results in a fun animated video at the end. 

How Long Will My Movie Be? 

Depending on how much shooting you do in your Camp or Workshop, your final movie will most likely be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long. One hour of focused shooting that yields 200 frames will give you a movie that is about 30-seconds long.

What is the Cost?

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*Editing service: I will professionally edit and polish your movie for you! Covers one movie up to 2 minutes long. Longer projects can be negotiated separately. 

Payment: Easy online checkout accepting all major credit cards.


What Will I Need? 

Before your Camp or Workshop, please do the following:

1. Download the FREE Stop Motion Studio app to your phone or tablet.

2. Prepare a stand to hold the camera device.

3. If you want to learn editing, you will need a free editing software. We can discuss choices based on your at-home technology.

What’s the difference between edited and unedited movies?

Editing gives you project a polished, professional edge including music, and sound effects on your footage to give it a polished, professional edge.

Here are the unedited versions of the movies from the top of the page. Compare them to see the difference that editing makes.

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What If I Love This And Want to Make More Movies?

Rock on! After taking this class, you can (and should!) continue making more and more projects, and you’ll have all the skills you need to do it on your own without any need to repeat the class.

What Ages Is This For?

These programs are designed for anyone ages 6 to 106! It is easy and fun — for kids and adults, too. Extra days to learn editing is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Stop-Motion Animation calls for lots of patience and the ability to stay still, as you will make small repeated movements over and over, so it’s not recommended for kids younger than 6yrs, or humans of any age with a short attention span and a habit of fidgeting.

If you have kids younger than 6 who want to be involved, that’s your call — you know their abilities best. One option is to have them be a helper to operate the camera. (Pushing that shutter button over and over!)

What Are Your Qualifications?

I have been a freelance teaching artist for over a decade, working in schools in NYC and NJ, including every borough except Staten Island. I have taught kids ages 5-18 in public, private, and charter schools. My subject areas have included everything from filmmaking and animation, to playwriting and theatre, all the way to culinary arts. In filmmaking alone, I have made (literally!) hundreds of movies with young people. I like working with grown-ups, too.

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